Tinga Tinga- paintings
This selection of Tingatinga-paintings shows the early beginnings and the modern offsprings of the famous genuine Tanzanian art of paintings, by E.S. Tingatinga himself, as well as 60 of his first students, e.g. Ajaba, Linda, Mpata, and Tedo. The format of the pieces is usually square-shaped, and they are created using bright colors on masonite. Although the basic use of these materials is still the same today, the range of styles and intentions of the paintings has widened considerably from the mere admiration of nature and the description of every-day Makonde life to themes of modern social concerns, e.g. AIDS and poverty.


 E. S. Tingatinga (1969): Simba

 E. S. Tingatinga (1972): Zebra

 K. H. Tedo (1971): Guinea Fowl

 E. S. Tingatinga (1969): Love-Birds

 K. H. Tedo (1971): Dancing Birds

 J. Linda (1970): Musungu njumbani

 E. S. Tingatinga (1969): Temptation

 J. Linda (approx. 1970): Insane Woman


 E. S. Tingatinga (1972): Peacock

 D. Msagula (approx. 1987): My Life

 Adeusi (1972): Untitled

 O. Amonde (1987): Twiga

 O.Amonde (1986): Fishermen

 H. Mruta (1987): Guinea Fowls

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